David Hammons here.

You know it the instant you walk in the door:
here is marvelous, very possibly great art, a game-changer and a joy...
Call it Minimalist-Expressionism. Nearly every one of these works
belongs in a museum, in a room of its own.
Any other art juxtoposed with it would curl up and die.

from the 2.14/21.11 New Yorker


  1. Hi nice to meet you Jody here in Oakland. Love your blog, so peaceful and clean. Came through Joslyn's blog. Love these pieces, you feel as if you've got to lift the plastic bit to see what's under but you're actually seeing it all....(Is that what I was supposed to get??)

  2. Nice to meet you too, Jody! Right on about the art. I just love that he'd make a painting and then cover the whole thing, making it look like someone discovered it in an attic or something. Thanks for reading!