house (barn)

Small Box House by Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier (via Dezeen)

this bit from the Atelier is wonderful:

From the casual lifestyle of the client and his wife, and also the request to have a part of the house turn into a cafe in the future, we aimed to create a space to be flexible to support events, such as the new birth of a child and opening a new cafe, where various life-scenes existing with reasonable distances to each other inside a simple void, like a barn.

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1. 1960's leather pig

3. tattooed pigs (via i'm revolting)

Spring makes me think of livestock, and I have an affinity for pigs.



The most beautiful leather bags (and sandals) I've ever seen.

Old World and forever new.

Alya B. Kazakevich

Lina Bo Bardi


A side entrance to Bo Bardi's Fábrica da Pompéia


Tripod armchair, 1948


The Glass House, present


living room, Glass House

leather sling chairs with brass ball hand-rests


tripod chair in Glass House


courtyard, Glass House


crystal and iron shelves, Glass House

"What does the word Architecture intend to mean? At first, limiting it to the art of building could seem passive and, in an even more restricted way, concern just the house construction. But Architecture is almost implicitly everything which is structure and representation, from the rocks, the skeleton, from the structure of the atom up to the appearance of the spheres that are part of the planetary system. The man made efforts, using the elements that nature gave him, in order to modify and reorganize this same nature, created architectures that, by improving themselves, spread through the world, giving origin to new architectures, from the rock to the interplanetary satellite, from the cave to the sky-scraper, from the pendulous do the cathedral."

Lina Bo Bardi, Contribuição Propedêutica ao Ensino da Teoria da Arquitetura, 1957

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images 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 via Dwell


for Japan

Charlotte Watts

Alan Gastelum

Douglas Ljungkvist

Allison V. Smith

Danielle Kelly

Photographer friend Allison V. Smith sends me word about another great benefit project for Japan, this one at Wall Space Gallery in Seattle/Santa Barbara. Quite a few great photos are on sale for $50, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to relief efforts in stricken Japan.


Sonia Delaunay, swimsuit, wool, 1928


Grant Mudford

is stealing lots of my time this morning.

His Louis Kahn shots are worth every second that I'll never get back.




Snippet of the Neiman Marcus windows in downtown Dallas
as curated for the Dallas Art Fair by artist Richard Patterson and some other art notables.
These ones are by artist Jeremy Mora, and were by far my favorite.



Gio Ponti animal round-up
1, 2, 3, 4



Jackie Tileston

Gertrud Vasegaard

Each piece stands tangible, down-to-earth, the stoneware mass can be felt in such a way that the textural effect of the material comes into its own. Decorations might look as simple ornaments, engraved, painted, or pressed in contrasting colours, but in fact they are part of her artistic way of celebrating our existence. She was no ceramic rebel; but a master of the craft and an artist who was also a poet. Art is the craft of the mind. The art of Gertrud Vasegaard is obviously connected to the abstract movements of the visual art of the 20th Century, but it is also of a timeless character.
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Gertrud Vasegaard

humble perch