For its inaugural curated exhibition, Fountainhead, The Art Foundation has solicited the alteration of various photographic iterations of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade, Fountain, by a number of local and international artists. The altered images have been compiled in an outsized book that will be exhibited during the weekend of the Dallas Art Fair, April 14-15, alongside a small exhibition of art objects that explore themes of authorship, receptivity, deception and manipulation.

Referencing the prankster quality of Duchamp’s decimation of the existing art structures of his time, Fountainhead parrots the language of the traditional exhibition structure while reveling in the paradoxes and latitudes allowed in our current poly-post-ism of art. Flexing ideas of attribution, the works presented inFountainhead alternately specify and misconstrue authorship, as a means of bothering the leveled readings of the objects and actions presented in the exhibition

It's been quiet around here, partly due to this little show I've helped put together with an art collective here in Dallas. Many thanks to my blogger friends that contributed work -- Stephanie Madewell (3rd image above) and Laetitia Benat.

Read about the show here and here.