Rationalist bentwood armchairs, 1930s-1940s

Rationalist multi-functional credenza, 1940s

A dear friend is in town that we haven't seen in years.
A philosopher and economist that's given to talking.
These rational, beautiful pieces would
accommodate hours of philo-econ/so-how-have-you-been speak.

1 and 2

Sam Francis

Been thinking about this guy a lot.
I just wrote a piece on the Matt Connors and Fergus Feehily show,
and Sam was reigning in the room next door:
black ones, all wrought with underneath-isms.
These ones, here, are so fresh.


Vivienne Westwood on punk, art, truth and almost everything else

Still wrapping my mind around Viv's bit here.
There are some pearls, maybe jewels.
My favorite line, among some ponderous doozies:
"A status symbol is a book... a very easy book to read is Catcher in the Rye.
Walk around with that under your arm, kids.
I mean, that's status."

(Thanks for the tip, RP. )

Alan Wallwork

fruits and otherwise

David Maisel


Linda Topic + Anton Bachet

Insomnia, anyone? Jeez-o-petes, I could use a doozy of a rest,
preferably in this bed, minus the pea I imagine is hidden in there somewhere.

Alessandro Pessoli

cast out. lost.