Saw this a while back at a local gallery. Love Schulnik's work. Ah, the struggle.


Gae Aulenti, interior of Centro-Fly department store, Milan, 1966, via


Moon (detail), Arthur Dove, 1935.

At noon the potato mashes and the gravy thickens. In early dark we lie about, with football breaking its bones all over the living room, and make Thanksgiving for one more cycle of the year gone through, ended with the great ghostdance of autumn, bright and pale wedded from September's leaf to November's early dark.

- from Eagle Pond, Donald Hall


said one ego to another

Maurizio Cattelan: Like many other people, the first time I visited the Guggenheim Museum I couldn’t help wondering where you got the idea of the rotunda from.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Why, I just shook the building out of my sleeves. The idea of the rotunda was to create a new form of union between visitor, painting, and architecture.

MC: But don’t the curve and the low ceilings create a limit for high sculptures or large paintings, for example?

FLW: If the paintings are too large, cut them in half!

MC: There has been for quite a long time now the tendency of building “neutral” contemporary art museums—white cubes. How do you feel about them?

FLW: I don’t think they matter, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think they’re for me and why should I be for them?

MC: Have you heard what I’m going to do in your museum?

FLW: Yes, I have.

MC: And what do you think? Too simple?

FLW: Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.

MC: So you don’t mind having the building occupied by someone who has been defined as the art world’s court jester?

FLW: The court jester always spoke what other courtiers never dared utter.

-- an imaginary conversation between Cattelan and FLW at Vogue



"I don't want to fuck up somebody's day on the way to work, I want to fuck up their whole life."

(thanks, JC)

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Rosy Keyser

Rosy is simultaneously kicking me in the pants, art-wise, and making me feel like what's the point.
I mean, "Yeah, Rosy, yeah! Right on."
I'm just having a moment of really encouraging jealously over here.