Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Interior, Mendes da Rocha's own house, 1964

exterior, Mendes da Rocha's house

Casa Prata-Arcuschin

Casa Gerassi, 1990

interior, Casa Gerassi

Art is the immense fortune of mankind. But the worst scenario is when it degenerates, which is an increasing condition. The new generations are not adequately educated; there is a need to consume without perceiving where or when this or that knowledge has come from, as if every created thing just exists. This is a compromised experience of the world. If you can trace a creation to its roots you can imagine. You can predict or prevent; but when you just don't know the past or how to perceive the present, it's hopeless. It's the absence of connections: a person in a plane in the beginning of the twentieth century was aware of being flown, and of the mechanical effort necessary to put the thing up in the air. In a way, people are losing the ability to be in awe, and thus the ability to wonder how things might be improved. This is an artistic loss, when you fail to understand that the ability to be creative is a human necessity.

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, BOMB Magazine, 2008

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  1. You know you need to have my permission before posting pictures of my home on the internet! Ha ha he he. Gorgeous.