on work: Louise Bourgeois

"You convert the menace, the fear, the anxiety,
through the redemptive force of art. What is the color of fear? What
is its heat? What is its value?" She says, "I carry my
psychanalysis within the work. Every day I work out all that bothers me. All my
complaints." She asserts, "The only remedy against disorder is work. Work puts
an order in disorder and control over chaos, I do, I undo, I redo. I am what I
am doing, Art exhausts me."
"Art is a privilege, a blessing, a relief.
Privilege means that you are a favorite, that what you do is not completely to
your credit, not completely due to you, but is a favor conferred upon you.
Privilege entitles you when you deserve nothing. Privilege is something you have
and others don't. Art was a privilege given to me, and I had to persue
from this.

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