Mark Manders, Part I

Why do you want to create sculptures?

Once you've realized on a deep level that there are empty spaces in the human world in which you can show things in their naked form, you just can't let go of that idea anymore. It's magnificent that such a phenomenon has taken shape during our evolution. It's generally accepted that this space exists within, as well as right beside, our world. In this window-like, conjuring space, you can place things or allow them to happen. Art allows us to experience things in their naked form... I could start talking about Duchamp or Donald Judd, who exemplify this idea of nakedness. I feel that, as an artist today with such an enormous world available to me with all its history, I can only really use that empty space as a conjuring space. I no longer have to focus on art per se.


Just back from a preview of this show. Absolutely humbling to be around work like this. More on Manders once I manage to wrap my head around even a small fraction of his confounding and beautiful work. In the meantime, this.

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