home library (shop)

There's No Place Like Here: Brazenhead Books from Etsy on Vimeo.

You may very well have seen this already, but here it is again.
We used to lose my dad in shops like this whenever we'd
visit tiny towns along the New England coast.
"Where's Dad?.... Let's ask where the bookstore is."
We'd never have found him if he'd been hiding in Michael's shop.

(thanks for the tip, partner.)


  1. There is a place called Capital Hill Books that is similar to this book store. It's in DC and its crazy. The owner, Jim Toole is very sarcastic and I love it. He leaves notes throughout the store that are not so nice, it's great. In a Harry Potter book, he leaves a note sticking out of the book that says, "Ron Dies".

    Here's a nice article about Jim's bookstore:


  2. @anonymous: awesome! Jim sounds wonderful, and exactly the sort of salty fellow I'd love to encounter more often -- a closet critic .

  3. At first i was intimidated by him, but after we purchased a book, he was very friendly and actually sweet. You should make a trip to DC, I am sure you have really amazing friends that would like to get lost in the bookstore with you.